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More Seaside Fun first started in 1998. The emphasis has been on girls 8-14 camping in the outdoors. We focus on girls enjoying the seashore and other outdoor experiences such as Archery, building big gadgets and hiking. At the seashore we do beach seining when the tide is right, beach exploring, building rafts, kayaking and canoeing. We have been lucky enough to have the older girls experience voyager canoes and dragon boats. Last year the whole camp used the low vortex course at the boy scout camp. We do many fun activities such as talent night and Karaoke and well as shooting waterfalls from our catapults at the leaders. Girls and leaders attend from all over the province. At More Seaside Fun all the girls get to partake in all the activities.

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More Seaside Fun 2018

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Camp Olave - July 29 - August 4, 2018

Girls born in or before 2010 are invited to attend.

Girls may apply as groups but they may be split between sites to get the most out of this camping experience.

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This is the classic seaside holiday for Guiders and girls!

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More Seaside Fun

As always we had a terrific time, swimming, playing, boating, crafting, singing, making friends and learning lots!

Thank you to all the girls, core staff, parents, lifeguards, caretakers and especially to Evelyn our camp leader! Thank you to Carell for taking on the leadership of More Seaside Fun for 2017!

Congratulations Evelyn on receiving the BC Award from Girl Guides!

A wonderful time was had by all at More Seaside Fun! Here we are getting ready for the beach and building pool noodle rafts. Some activites were geo-caching, photography, crafts, music, archery, build & sail rafts, lashing catapults, amazing race, bottle rockets, swimming, sea seining, beach exploring, karaoke, talent night, campfire and trading crests, crafts and hat ornaments.

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Amazing Race

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