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Galalina (Water's Edge)

Galalina Crest

Nestled in the trees, this large multi-prpose site has sleeping huts, tents and a cottage as well as a large kitchen and dining shelter. Galalina huts will now be open to campers until the end of October as weather permits. The grassy field is just waiting for wide games and sleeping under the stars. A campfire ring for singing and roasting marshmallows and a flagpole for practicing the horseshoe formation and colours complete the Guiding experience. Galalina has a great view across Georgia Strait and the cottage is ideal for a small group in the winter.

Galalina in the Rain

Galalina in the rain.

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Galalina cottage

Galalina Cottage

Galalina Cottage Kitchen

Galalina Cottage
Kitchen/Activity area

Galalina cottage bunks

Galalina Cottage Bunks

Galalina huts - For a print copy of Galalina facilities Click here


  • Accommodates 50 from April 1 to October 31 - Ten in the cottage, thirty in 6 huts with 5 beds each and ten in 2 platform tents (tents from April 1 to September 30) that sleep 5 each.
  • Acommodates 10 from October 1 to March 30 in the cottage only



    • Kitchen/Activity area - electric range, fridge, microwave oven, table, 10 chairs, cookware & dishes for 10
    • Two bedrooms - one with 6 bunks and one with 4 bunks - mattresses included
    • Guider bathroom with toilet, sink and shower
    • Bathroom for girls' night use - 2 toilets & 2 sinks, off the veranda
    • Electric heat


    • Pantry - Cooking utensils & dishes for 50, food storage in plastic bins
    • Propane range - 4 burners, 2 ovens, grill
    • Commercial fridge with sliding glass doors
    • Chest Freezer
    • Water heater
    • Tables with benches
    • Brick woodstove for heat
    • Removable fiberglass panel windbreak
    • Storage shed - brooms, fire buckets, axe, patrol box, tarps, tools, garden hose, fire extinguisher
    • Liquid disposal pit - located behind shelter-disposal for sink water
    • Large half barrel barbeque - bring own charcoal.


    • 3 toilets, 2 sinks, 2 showers

    • HUTS

    • Six huts each with 5 wooden platform beds- no mattresses, screened open windows,

    • CHACK CHACK (Eagle's Cry)

    • Tent sites on gravel pad, located behind cook shelter, semi wilderness
    • Bring your own tents and patrol boxes if desired.

    Girl greatness starts here!


Galalina huts

Galalina Huts

Galalina bunks

Galalina Hut Bunks

Galalina beach

Galalina Beach Benches

view from the cottage

View from the cottage

Galalina shelter

Galalina Kitchen Shelter