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Camp Olave - A Brief History

The beginnings of Camp Olave demonstrate amazing courage on the part of early Guiders. In February 1930 the former assembly camp of the Rat Portage Lumber Company was purchased. After much fundraising and difficulties it was owned free and clear in 1935. This was done during the depression! Originally the camp consisted of Rose and Brock cottages, stables made of huge logs, a few shacks and a sunken wharf. Camp Olave is managed and cared for the Camp Olave Management Committee (COMC) and its subcommittee of dedicated Site Managers.

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News and Current Events:

crestThe Book of Memory was created in 2005 to honour the memory of those people, both men and women,still living or gone home who loved Camp Olave and shared their energy and enthusiasm, time and talent with the Camp. Contributions include cottage construction and renovation, educational programs, mentoring new campers, nature projects, program work, site maintenance and improvements and teaching. Our first page is devoted to Dr. Harold Zimmerman, a long-time friend and gardener. In 2009 we remembered our friends Ken and Kaari Fraser and Phyllis Scagel. If you would like to honour someone click here for information about the Memory Book and click here for an application form.

The Low Ropes Course

Our latest project spearheaded by Elaine is much enjoyed by girls and Guiders. A trained facilitator will set up and assist groups with the course.

Low Ropes Course Low Ropes Course

Historic Camp Olave

Brownie Hideaway

Hideaway has been much changed due to our faithful volunteers. Old timers remember the old heater taking up most of the porch! Hideaway is comfortable, winterized and much loved by campers young and old. Here we have 1991 to 2000 to 2012.

Hi Yu Win

Hi Yu Win hut in 1957 - some very excited Burnaby Guides and now with new huts and a wonderful kitchen and dining shelter. Still a beautiful site!


Kutawa has a new look - Three new bunkhouses each sleeping 10 and replacing the beloved but bedraggled tipis!
Thanks to Dave for the lovely tipi pole furniture!

Kutawa 2015 tipi pole bench

Kwi Kwa25 year cake

Kwi KWA - 25th birthday in 2015. Built from its own trees in 1990.

Kwi Kwa team 1990 kwi kwa logs Kwi Kwa under construction

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Camp Olave Crest

Camp Olave Crest

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